Recap on 2/15/2020 Lunar New Year & Riddles

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Written by: Joyce C. Chiu (裘錦澐)

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, New England Association of Chinese Professionals (NEACP) held its annual end of lunar new year luncheon and the traditional riddle contest, at Bamboo Restaurant, Bedford, MA.

Over 80 greater Boston area attendees participated in the banquet and festivities. The event started at 12 PM, everyone helped themselves to the abundant buffet with many traditional and special lunar new year dishes, while being served hot tea and soups.

The first entertainment was magic tricks performed by Poyu Chen (陳伯羽). Audience members were invited to participate, but no one could tell how the magic was performed.

The program MC Hsin-Hao Su (蘇信豪) then welcomed everyone, and introduced each of the co- sponsoring organizations in turn. These are mostly affiliated with Asian Americans from Taiwan – religious organizations, academic and professional associations, cultural and ethnic affiliations, as well as alumni associations of both senior high schools and colleges of Taiwan. Each organization briefly introduced their mission and invited attendees to participate in their upcoming events. Raffles were drawn and gifts donated by these organizations were awarded to those whose numbers were called.

The Bamboo Restaurant also put on a special Lion Dance, with traditional drum and cymbals welcoming two lions which performed their lively dance and greeted the guests with good wishes and in turn, received “red envelopes” of small token of money. The bustling and boisterous Lion Dance, true to Chinese tradition, marked the high point of celebration for the occasion.

Also true to tradition, the end of the Lunar New Year, on the 15th of the first month, is celebrated with a Lantern Festival and Riddles. These riddles are usually Jeopardy! style questions with twists of the meaning for participants to guess at unexpected yet clever answers.

Many photos were taken, many old friendships renewed, and new ones formed. Most of all, everyone was gratified to have participated in the celebration of the most important traditional holiday of our culture. From the various announcements, everyone can look forward to a new year filled with exciting and rewarding educational, cultural, business and charitable activities.

The event ended with the new incoming NEACP president, Yafen Kang (康雅雰), welcoming everyone and introducing her new Executive Committee team (Bo-Wen Huang (黃柏文), Jerry Lin (林致中), Lisa

Kang (康麗雪), Hsin-hao Su (蘇信豪), Erica Yang (楊佳璇), Joyce Chiu (裘錦澐).The crowd lingered until well past 3 PM before everyone left. Fun was had by all!

NEACP 2020 Board of Directors –

  • Al Chao ( 趙育川)
  • Calvin Hsieh (謝開明)
  • Cathy Chan (譚嘉陵)
  • Charleen Cherng (李小玲)
  • Frank Chen (陳志清)
  • Hwa Chang (張重華)
  • May Chen (陳玫菁)
  • Ming-Chi Tsai (蔡明機)
  • Paul Chan (陳家驊)
  • Robert Wang (王子仁)
  • Shiao-Yu Lee (李小玉)
  • Wanchin Chou (周萬欽)
  • Shumin Peng Yang (彭淑敏)
  • Yu-Hsien Wei (魏瑀嫻)
  • Jerry Huang (黃俊義)


Below is a list of all participating Greater Boston Area Taiwan organizations –

  • Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation: 慈濟基金會
  • TAP: Taiwanese American Professionals
  • TCCNE: Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of NE 新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會
  • NE Chinese Youth Summer Camp: 紐英崙青少年中文夏令營
  • Global Monte Jade Science & Technology Association: 全球玉山科技協會
  • Monte Jade New England: 新英格蘭玉山科技協會
  • CCCS: Cambridge Chinese Choral Society 劍橋合唱團
  • BTBC: Boston Taiwanese Boat Club: 波士頓台灣龍舟隊
  • NCKUAA: 新英格蘭成功大學校友會
  • BEINUAA: 波士頓北一女校友會
  • BTBA: Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association
  • TAA Boston: 波士頓台灣同鄉會
  • TFF: Taiwan Film Festival
  • FTSANE: Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations at New England
  • GBAANTU: 大波士頓區台大校友會
  • Greater Boston CKHS Alumni Association: 波士頓建中校友會
  • NTNUAANE: 臺灣師範大學紐英崙校友會
  • NEHA: New England Hakka Association, 紐英倫客家鄉親會

Lunar New Year and Riddles


You are invited to join NEACP’s annual Lunar New Year luncheon and Riddles! Network with other local Taiwanese organizations!


Reserve your spot here 購票網址: Tickets

About this Event 關於這個活動

Date And Time 日期與時間

Sat, February 15, 2020

12:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

Add to Calendar 加入行事曆

Location 地點


213 Burlington Road

Bedford, MA 01730

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Registration includes 活動包含:

– All you can eat buffet 吃到飽自助餐 (12:00 – 2:30 pm)

with special dishes for lunar New Year 包括新年特別餐點:

Spicy baked mussels 黃金萬兩(焗烤淡菜); Fish filet with tofu in spicy Sichuan sauce 年年有餘(魚腐魚片 ); Sauteed rice cake 步步高升(炒年糕); Rice noodle with veggie 長壽米粉; and Xi-Hu beef soups 情意绵绵西湖羹

– Riddles and prizes 猜謎遊戲和獎品

– Appreciate Lion Dance 舞獅表演

– Network with local Taiwanese organizations! 各當地台灣組織之間的交流活動

Reserved your seats! Limited space **All attendees must purchase in advance (including under 6 years old). 把握有限的位子,趕快預訂!所有賓客都需要提前購票(包含六歲以下兒童)

We provide a carpooling service. Please use the following signup link if you need a ride or if you are interested in providing a ride. Thank you. 我們提供共車前往的服務,若您有需要搭便車或願意載其他人,請點至以下連結登記,謝謝!

Carpool Form 共車表單

Co-Sponsors with 此活動由下列組織所贊助:

BEINUAA: 波士頓北一女校友會

BTBA: Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation: 慈濟基金會

FTSANE: Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations at New England

GBAANTU: 大波士頓區台大校友會

Global Monte Jade Science & Technology Association: 全球玉山科技協會

Greater Boston CKHS Alumni Association: 波士頓建中校友會

Monte Jade New England: 新英格蘭玉山科技協會

NCKUAA: 新英格蘭成功大學校友會

NEHA: New England Hakka Association, 紐英倫客家鄉親會

NTNUAANE: 臺灣師範大學紐英崙校友會

TFF: Taiwan Film Festival

TAP: Taiwanese Association of Professionals

TCCNE: 新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會

2019 十月社區活動

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  • 雙十升旗遊行將於105日早在波士頓華埠牌樓廣埸集合遊行隊伍由必珠街出發,經華盛頓街至波士頓市府廣埸舉行升旗典禮。
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  • 紐英崙中華資訊網路協會(NECINA)將於1019日在Hilton Boston/Woburn, Ballroom, 舉辦5G科際會議,網協創辦人陳五福將做主題演講。
  • 波士頓亞美電影節(BAAFF)已定1024日至27日舉行。查詢
  • 新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會和新英格蘭台灣青年商會將於1027合作舉辦的A Pitch Day,查詢


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